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In 1596

JD Harington invented closestool, and human being embarked on civilization course of toilet.


In 1959

Many countries in Europe unveiled Legislative Bills on Prohibition of Using Squat Toilet in the Public out of protection for the pregnant, the elder, the disabled, and other vulnerable groups. Later, toilet sanitation became one global difficulty on public sanitation.


In 1999

Mr. Zhong Baige established a laboratory to make research on the global public toilet sanitation. Until now, he is still focusing on R&D of healthy, energy-saving, professional and intelligent sanitary ware for bolstering the toilet civilization course of human beings.


In 2001

Mr. Zhong successfully launched the technology of continuous rewinding toilet sanitary cover device and was awarded the National Patent by State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China. The core of technology lies in using disposable sanitary cover on the toilet seat, which is an extremely scientific and smart way to solve the sanitation of toilet seat, and brings a kind of brand-new and comfortable experience. After then, by frequent reform and innovations, it becomes the core technology of Trump.


In 2002

Mr. Zhong established Trump, and registered two brands of “TRUMP” and “创普”. On October 1st, 2002, the first TRUMP automatic replaceable cover toilet seat come into the world on the production line of Buji Production Base in Shenzhen. Through wide popularization, the concept of TRUMP automatic replaceable cover toilet seat was widely received by high-end user groups who focus on brand image and service quality.


In 2003

People started to pay more and more attention to sanitation since SARS burst in the world, and civilization course of toilet was proceeding on fast, people had an increasing recognition on toilet culture, however, the technology of continuous rewinding toilet sanitary cover device catered to people’s pursuit on sanitation, life quality and toilet culture. With demands increased sharply, Trump established sales and service offices in many cities, attracting many global Top 500 enterprises like Citibank, PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinopec, Foxconn, etc.


In 2004

China had a new investment boom in period after the SARS, and the high-standard real estate market pulled the rigid demands on high-end sanitary ware. Meanwhile, Trump established ceramics production bases in Foshan and Fujian to launch high-performance and high-quality integrated automatic replaceable cover toilet series for the real estate field.


In 2005

Relying on the patented and advanced toilet automatic replaceable cover technology, Trump occupied over 90% market shares, and Trump brand became the leader in the global sanitary ware industry. Trump started to dabble in ceramic sanitary ware, faucets, shower heads, intelligent sensor faucets and other commercial sanitary ware, emerging in the high-end commercial sanitary ware market in the product concept of “Healthy, Energy-saving, Professional, Intelligent”.


In 2006

The 11th Five-year Plan gave a new development direction in next five years in China, Central Finance would enlarge investment in sanitation especial for public sanitation and the construction of disease prevention system, and a great number of high-standard hospitals emerged in many cities. While Trump products entered into the General Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, Peking University Shenzhen Hospital and other famous hospitals.


In 2007

Trump toilet pedal flushing technology was bestowed with Patent by State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China, and the first integrated automatic replaceable cover toilet with pedal flushing function came into the world, marking Trump’s further achievement in the professional cross infection prevention technology.


In 2008

With Beijing Olympic Games, China’s economy developed quickly, the Green Olympics got each corner of the country, and most of Beijing Olympic Venues utilized the concept of green, energy conservation and environment protection, it was a great honor for Trump to serve Olympic Forest Park.


In 2009

Trump kept stable and quick development even in the global financial crisis, at then we had attracted over 16 million user groups, owned over one hundred service offices to serve over 500 million users every year.


In 2010

As the 12th Five-year Plan for boosting strategic transformation was unveiled, Trump insisted on the core values of “Honesty First, Customer Satisfaction” and signed strategic alliance partnership with top users of every industry to strive for comprehensively improving service quality and making a professional individual high-end service brand. 


In 2011

The hospital infection rate was over 8% in China. In view of this, the People’s Government of Fujian Province stated that hospitals above the county level must adopt automatic replaceable cover toilets to reduce the infection rate and bring benefits to the common people. It marked China toilet civilization reached an unprecedented level.