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Automatic Cover Replacing Technology
By intelligent induction or pressing of “ON” key switch before use, it can output one piece of sanitary and sterile film (sanitary cover) from left side of the case to cover the toilet seat, thereby it can effectively avoid skins of users contacting with the toilet seat directly, prevent disease infection, and bring a sanitary, comfortable and exalted toilet environment for users.

Waterproof and Moisture-proof Technology

The whole TRUMP structure is in the waterproof, antifog and moisture-proof design to ensure use safety and improve lifespan, and streamline design contributes to eliminate dead corners, easy to be cleaned.

Intelligent Thermostatic Toilet Seat Technology

After the power supply is turned on, the system is started at once to monitor changes in ambient temperature automatically. The toilet seat heating function can be started automatically to keep the temperature of toilet seat at 38ºC suitable for human being in the event that the ambient temperature is lower than 22ºC; once the ambient temperature is over 22ºC, the heating function turns off automatically. Built-in semiconductor thermal transfer new materials of the toilet seat, with safe voltage of 12V and low power of 1.3W, can be cleaned with water, and get rid of impacts from moisture environment.

Pedal Flushing Technology

The pedal flushing technology of TRUMP automatic replaceable cover toilet (only for F model) can finish flushing just by treading once gently by foot after use. It is simple, convenient and most suitable for public toilets with large visitor flow rate.

Silver Ion Anti-bacteria Technology

TRUMP silver ion anti-bacteria material is mixed on the surface of glaze and then subjected to high-temperature sintering, free impacts from flushing and time. It provides the surface glaze of toilet with strong anti-bacteria and antifouling effects, with the anti-bacteria effect of over 95%.

Disinfection Technology

After the power is on, the system is started automatically to generate ozone every 30 minutes for killing bacteria in air or attached to the surface of toilet, thereby bringing user a sterile and clean environment.

Deodorization Technology

After the power is on, the system is started automatically to generate ozone every 30 minutes for scavenging odor in air, so as to keep indoor air fresh for a long time.

Supercoiled Technology

Vortex water flow can exert the strong flushing to the largest extent, and is clean and quiet.

Excellent Water Conservation

TRUMP is proud of our excellent water conservation technology which can effectively save water while ensuring the cleaning effect.