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The company adopts service-oriented marketing mode and pursues professional, speedy, standard and humanized service. We will continuously perfect each detail of service along with the market demand, persistently pursue the most perfect after-sales service, embody warm and cozy service tenet, take brand operation and improvement of customers’ satisfaction as the guidance and build complete after-sales service management system.
“VIP” User Worry-free Nurse Type Service Commitment.
The company provides customizable “VIP” user worry-free nurse type service especially for VIP group type users and is responsible for all-around service such as daily exchanging, daily maintenance and timely repair of the convenient and sanitary cover.

Service Commitment

After-sales Following-up: The company provides long-term after-sales following service and satisfies each customer by considerate and warm service.

Professional Installation: Professional installation and maintenance staff provides free door-to-door design and installation. According to customers’ requirements, the company chooses suitable installation mode with professional level to satisfy customers.

Convenient and Sanitary Cover: The company provides life-long free home delivery service to ensure uninterrupted use of users.

Management System

More than 100 after-sales service agencies around the globe provide after-sales service for users.

More than 100 after-sales service agencies around the globe are responsible for collecting users’ feedback information, accepting and hearing complaints, goods return, goods exchange, product maintenance, etc.

The company provides use and maintenance training of various products regularly or irregularly.

Headquarters After-sales Service Consulting Telephone: 86-755-8982 2228
Complaints Hotline: 86-755-8982 2228 802

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